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Halibut Derby

Annual contest for cash and prizes!

Quick Details

Minor Under 18, must be accompanied by an adult

14th Annual Halibut Derby

Two Ways to Enter Our California Fishing Contest:

  1. Halibut Drift Days: Fridays and/or Sundays from 7 a.m. – 4 p.m. Limited load 25 passengers. $79 per person, $5 entry fee included in price. These are specific halibut drift trips that solely target halibut. The final drift is Sunday, March 27th. (No discounts of any kind accepted on drift trips)
  2. Enter on any open party 1/2 or 3/4 day trip! Cost is $5 and will be taken at the time of check-in. Entry must be paid before boat departs. Entry is only valid for the day it is purchased. To enter on a different day, an additional entry ticket must be purchased. (Charters not allowed in Derby.)

$79 Entry Fee

Past Halibut Derby Winners:

2021 – Frank Sahanas – 24 lbs 10oz
2019 – Brian Dancer – 26.1 lbs
2018 – David Sluder – 36.9 lbs
2017 – David Mendez – 32 lbs
2016 – Jerry Boston – 23.5 lbs
2015 – Norm Bell – 21.14 lbs
2014 – Stephen Green – 40.11 lbs
2013 – Mark Piercy – 37.5 lbs
2012 – Peggy Stein – 43.10 lbs ***still largest fish ever in the derby
2011 – Mike Knudtson – 43.08 lbs
2010 – Paul Pappas – 31.14 lbs
2009 – Jerry Vyhnis – 32.2 lbs

Additional Information

  • Fishing Equipment: Spinning reel rods are available to rent for $18 dollars and include a small tackle package.
  • Fishing License Regulations: Anglers 16 years of age or older are required to have a fishing license before getting on the boat. Please pre-purchase your licenses online at
  • Food and Beverages: Our boats feature full-service cash galleys that offer beverages, snacks, and hot sandwiches for purchase.
  • Gratuities: Tips for the hard-working crew members are optional but greatly appreciated! Typical tips range from $5-$10 per adult ticket.

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