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  • Available Saturdays Jan. 22 - Apr. 23

Wyland’s Whale and Dolphin Adventure Art Lesson

Quick Details

Child Ages 3 - 12
Our 2022 schedule starts up on January 22 and runs every Saturday through April 23!

Art Lessons in the Wild

Marine muralist Wyland continues the Landmark Whale and Dolphin Adventure “Art Lessons in the Wild,” facilitating the most creative experience on the water!

The mission of The Wyland Foundation is to give both children and adults alike the tools they need to become more creative through art. A portion of the ticket price will be donated back to the Wyland Foundation. Each child participant also receives a FREE gift from Wyland and there’s FREE coffee for the adults!

Create your own work-of-art aboard one of our Dana Wharf vessels that will be judged by Wyland himself, with multiple winners and a grand prize winner! At the end of each lesson, children will submit their drawings to be judged by Wyland himself!

The grand prize is a special work of art by Wyland himself, framed and signed, called “Oceans” valued at $4,000.

This 45-minute adventure includes:

  • VIP boarding and a presentation and exclusive art lesson before the Whale Watching Trip, via video feed on the vessel, by renowned environmental artist, Wyland!
  • Learn what inspired Wyland to create some of the best known marine wildlife paintings and sculptures of our era.
  • After the art lesson, your child may depart free of charge, on a two-hour whale and dolphin watching adventure! Adults accompanying them.

This activity will be every Saturday starting at 9 a.m. for children 3-12 years old before our 10 a.m. Whale Watching Trip.

If you choose to go on the Whale Watching Adventure that immediately follows the art lesson, the cruise features:

  • An up-close and personal experience – get closer to marine life and watch them from our stable platform.
  • For more information call us at (949) 496-5794 ext.7

MUST purchase tickets for the whale and dolphin watching adventure separately.

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2021 Art in the Wild Wyland Foundation Winner is Malena Sambrano!

Press Release May 2021 | Wyland’s Art Lessons In The Wild 2021 WINNER!
Dana Point, California— May 2021 — Marine Life Artist; Wyland and Dana Wharf Whale Watching present, Wyland’s Whale and Dolphin Adventure; Art Lessons in the Wild Grand Prize Contest Winner announced.

CONGRATULATIONS to 11-year-old Malena Sambrano of Laguna Hills, California. She has won the 2021 Wyland Art Lesson in Wild Contest. The Grand Prize limited edition framed Giclee on Canvas by Wyland called “Ocean” valued at $2,500! Malena attends Valencia Elementary School in Laguna Hills. “We are so happy that she has won and that she is from the area,” announced Dana Wharf’s Whale Watching President, Donna Kalez. Donna made the call to the family and it was announced via Facebook and Instagram live when Wyland presented Malena with her prize at Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching on May 22nd  in front of some of her family and friends.

The art lessons began in January but were condensed 10 children per lesson each Saturday due to COVID regulations, “we had well over 200 entries even during COVID for Wyland to pick from, despite the year,” said Donna Kalez. It’s always exciting to announce the winner!

This exclusive package included an art lesson via video feed by environmental artist, Wyland and included a FREE 2-hour whale watching adventure. Each child that participated in the Art Lesson was entered into a contest to win prizes from Wyland. The fee was $10 per child and was donated to The Wyland Foundation. Wyland judged all children’s artwork entries as well as the Runner Up Winners, which include; Kella Fox (5), Angelina Debivolamo (7), and Airi Dykes (9) are winners with packages that include, Whale Watching tickets for two, a Wyland necklace and their entry framed. All winners should call Dana Wharf to claim their awesome prize at (949) 496-5794 ext.7.

“Congratulations to all of the winners! It’s amazing that they get to go out and see these beautiful animals. Seeing their art is inspiring to me.“-Wyland

Dana Wharf established Whale Watching in Orange County in 1971 and is endorsed by Wyland (Artist of the Sea). The area is a landmark for whale sightings due to its weather, underwater canyons, shallow water, large kelp beds, and eco systems that provide the chance to see these large mammals in their environment. The renowned marine life artist found inspiration for his artwork of the beloved gray whale during their migration to warmer waters in the winter. It was from the Gray Whale experience that inspired Wyland to develop the program “Art Lessons in the Wild” with Wyland’s Whale and Dolphin Adventures in partnership with Dana Wharf Whale Watching.  Dana Point is “The Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World ®.”

Wyland Winner   a statue of a person in a blue door

Dana Wharf is exclusively endorsed by marine life artist Robert Wyland

Click here to read a recent article about Wyland – The Creative Waves of Wyland

Wyland’s Whale and Dolphin Adventure Art Lessons Past Winners

Last year’s grand prize winner was chosen from 250 Art Lesson in the Wild participants (in three age categories). The winner is eight-year-old, Caden Sheehan who attends Esencia School in Rancho Mission Viejo. Caden said he was inspired to draw marine life the first time he met Wyland at his gallery, and discovered his art. He participated in the program during this year’s Festival of Whales, as Caden is passionate about art and marine life and conservation. Caden’s imaginative contest submission depicts an underwater scene filled with playful whales and dolphins.

The grand prize was a Wyland limited edition oil painting, valued at $1,500, entitled “Ancient Mariner.” This unique painting brings together the fiery sunset in the vein of his abstract expressionist work, with the anatomically detailed realism of his renowned sea life. The result is a breathtaking look at nature that is pure Wyland.

Caden being presented his Grand Prize from Steve Creach from Wyland Foundation and Donna Kalez of Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching.

The Art Lessons in the Wild contest runner-ups are:
• Kai Perino, 5-years-old (3-5 year-old category)
• Clara Penney, 10-years-old (9-12 year-old category)
• Anneka Neukomm, 12-years-old (9-12 year-old category)

Clara Penney, is from Wyland’s hometown of Detroit, Michigan. She recently gave a school report on Wyland and his environmental art, and was excited to participate in this Wyland art program when she was visiting California.

The runner-ups prizes included: their contest art work framed, a Wyland Whaling Wall book, a Wyland Calendar, a Wyland vintage sweatshirt, and four passes for whale watching excursions with Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Watching.

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