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We take great pride in our unwavering commitment to preserving our fishing resources.

Dana Wharf Sportfishing and Whale Whating is involved in many programs that help to conserve marine life fishing resources for generations to come: Please take a minute and learn more about the groups we support.

Loggerhead STRETCH

Over the next four years, the Loggerhead Sea Turtle Research Experiment on the Thermal Corridor Hypothesis team will release 100 satellite-tag-equipped loggerheads to monitor their movements in relation to oceanographic conditions. By learning their transpacific tendencies, they hope to provide vital data for aiding the protection and conservation of this unique endangered species.

White Sea Bass Hatchery program

The Ocean Resources Enhancement and Hatchery Program (OREHP) is an experimental hatchery program investigating the feasibility of using cultured marine finfish to successfully enhance wild fish populations White Seabass are spawned and reared at a hatchery in Carlsbad, which is owned and operated by Hubbs-SeaWorld.


Join Coastal Conservation association

Join over 125,000 recreational anglers and outdoor enthusiasts working to conserve our marine resources and coastal environments.


Sportfishing Association of California

SAC’s mission is to promote tourism through marine recreation and education while protecting natural resources.


NOAA Fisheries

Discover the world of cooperative research on our latest episode, highlighting the collaboration between NOAA scientists, fishermen, and charter boat crews for fisheries research. Learn about its impact on stock assessments and management, just in time for National Fishing and Boating Week!


Non-profits we support who are introducing adults and children to the sport of fishing.


Fish for Life

Fish for Life is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Southern California. Their mission is to enhance the lives of special needs inpiduals by providing a complimentary fishing trip on the sea for them to enjoy.


Capt Rollo Kids at Sea

Captain Rollo’s Kids at Sea organizes marine-awareness fishing trips for children who might not otherwise have the opportunity to witness the beauty and splendor of being on the ocean.


Reel Guppy Outdoors

Reel Guppy’s mission is to provide a positive environment for our youth using outdoor adventures emphasizing education, life-building lessons, leadership, stewardship, and team building.