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Fishing Guide

Fishing Month-By-Month

January: Halibut, Calico Bass, Sculpin

February: Calico Bass, White Sea Bass & Halibut

March: White Sea Bass, Halibut, Rock Cod, Calico Bass, Sculpin, Sheephead

April: Rock Cod, Squid, Halibut, White Sea Bass, Calico Bass, Sheephead, Lingcod, Sculpin

May: Calico Bass, White Sea Bass, Rock Cod, Sand Bass, Barracuda

*June: Rock Cod, Halibut, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Yellowtail, Barracuda, Blue Fin Tuna, Bonito

*July: Sand Bass, Yellowtail, Dorado, Calico Bass, Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Halibut, Barracuda, Bonito

*August: Yellowtail, Barracuda, Blue Fin Tuna, Yellow Fin Tuna, Dorado, Calico Bass, Sand Bass, Bonito

September: Tuna, Yellowtail, Calico Bass, Halibut, Bonito, Dorado

October: Calico Bass, Yellow Fin Tuna, Halibut, Bonito

November: Rock Cod, (maybe some Calico or Sand Bass), Halibut, Lingcod

December: Rock Cod, (maybe some Calico or Sand Bass), Halibut

*Possible additional species may include albacore and wahoo when conditions are good on overnight trips in summer months.

This is a guide to what fish are typically available each month but specific fish are not guaranteed and not all fish can be caught on a half-day trip. Some fish on this list need to be caught on a longer trip or an overnight trip. Fish availability does vary each year.