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Charities We Support

The Gulf of Catalina Gray Whale Preservation & Education Foundation (GWF) educates children on the importance of the Gray Whale by creating an opportunity for students to engage in research.

We are a non-profit organization led by scientists, naturalists, and educators whose goal it is to protect our environment and inspire future generations of environmentalists, scientists, and ocean stewards.

Our mission is to create a hands-on opportunity for students to engage with their marine environment. By providing a unique and memorable experience on the water, we inspire students toward ocean stewardship and future involvement in activities that promote environmental awareness and conservation.

Every year, Dana Point hosts the Festival of Whales each March where visitors can explore Dana Point Harbor during the gray whale’s annual winter migratory ritual. Residents and visitors celebrate the migration of gray whales and other marine wildlife with ocean-themed activities and presentations emphasizing education and environmental responsibility. This annual event combines ocean and environmental educational programs with family-friendly, fun activities.

The Dana Point Festival of Whales offers two weekends of outdoor fun in the “Whale Capital of the West.” Locals and destination seekers alike can experience the festival on land or by sea to celebrate the migration of California gray whales as they pass through the ocean waters of Dana Point.

Click here to learn more about the Festival of Whales

Captain Todd Mansur

Lead Naturalist and School Coordinator

In 1992 Captain Todd became Dana Wharf Whale Watching’s lead naturalist and conducts all of the pre-excursion in-classroom education for Orange County’s schools. This is also a major role for Todd as a Board Member of the Gray Whale Foundation.

The Amazing Adventures of Captain Don by Donna Kalez

$7.95 + Free Shipping!

This book “The Amazing Adventures of Captain Don” is the first in a series of entertaining stories I can only hope will bring you and your family as much joy as it has me to write. They always say write what you know and I know about the amazing adventures my family has experienced out in the waters of Orange County since the late 1950’s. The story’s main character Captain Don is based on my father Don Hansen. This book and series is dedicated to him – a wonderful and generous man!

Wyland Foundation

Founded by renowned environmental artist Wyland, the Wyland Foundation has helped children and families around the nation to rediscover the importance of healthy oceans and waterways through public art programs, classroom science education, and live events. The foundation gives children the tools they need to become more creative, positive, and solution-oriented. The foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and has worked directly with more than one million children since its inception in 1993.

Fish For Life

Fish for Life is a non profit organization headquartered in Southern California with a charter to enhance the lives of special needs individuals by inviting selected groups to enjoy a complimentary half day fishing trip on the sea.

This program is designed to provide love and inspiration to a multitude of special needs people while teaching fishing skills and ministering to the value of life.

Friends of Rollo

Friends of Rollo is a non-profit organization that introduces children to marine life in its natural setting through its hands-on Kids fishing program. Over 85,000 kids have benefited since 1999 through the generosity of individuals and organizations.