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The Dolphin Experience

Inspired by Wyland

Quick Details

Inspired by a close up of a plate

A portion of the experience price will be donated to the Wyland Foundation


Private Charter Experience
Prices Vary Per Vessel

Join Dana Wharf for our newest adventures  “The Dolphin Experience “inspired by Wyland

Dolphin Watching: You can watch dolphins from a boat or the shore. This experience allows you to observe dolphins in their natural habitat without disturbing them. Dana Wharf will take you out to see dolphins in our coastal waters. We will travel through the lagoons and coves on the coast of Laguna or travel to the open waters in search of large pods of dolphins. While dolphin watching is year round you may also encounter whales, SunFish , Turtles, Sea Lions,  Pelagic birds and much more!

The Dolphin experience trip:

Interacting with dolphins in their natural environment is known to be a joyful and exciting experience.  It has been said that dolphins produce feelings of happiness or well-being. When you join our private dolphin experience you will be greeted by our Naturalist who will start out with an overview of the dolphins we see along the Dana Point/ Laguna Beach Coastline . Our Naturalists are American Cetacean trained and have thousands of hours on our vessel watching dolphins .

It’s important to approach interactions with dolphins with a realistic understanding of the experience, and we always prioritize the well-being of the dolphins themselves. While interacting with the dolphins will be a rewarding and enjoyable experience, it’s essential to understand these are wild and free mammals and every interaction is profoundly special  and different.

Passengers may experience:

  • Mega pods
  • Family or nursery pods
  • Stampeding dolphin 
  • Surfing dolphins

Dana Point has over 250,000 of Common Dolphins and also sees Bottlenose and Risso’s Dolphins and in the winter we also see the Pacific White sided dolphin. In 2019 Dana Point was trademarked as the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World(r)

Wyland, also known as Robert Wyland, is an American artist and conservationist who is well known for his marine life murals and sculptures. Dolphins are a frequent subject of his artwork, and he has spoken extensively about the importance of protecting these animals and their habitats. In fact, the vessel, Lot a Fun was specifically built for Dana Wharf’s fleet and has Wyland custom Graphics showing leaping bottlenose dolphins, a behavior we hope to share with you!

In an interview with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), Wyland stated that “Dolphins are among the most intelligent and socially complex animals on the planet. They are an indicator species, meaning that their health is reflective of the health of the oceans and the overall environment. If dolphins are thriving, it’s a good sign that the rest of the ocean is doing well.”

Wyland has also spoken about the role of art in raising awareness about marine conservation issues, stating that “Art can be a powerful tool for creating awareness and inspiring action. Through my art, I hope to connect people with the beauty and wonder of the ocean, and to inspire them to take action to protect it.” Wyland hosts an annual children’s art lesson with Dana Wharf to raise money for the Wyland Foundation to support his educational programs and environmental outreach through the Wyland Mobile Learning Truck. When you book a dolphin experience with Dana wharf we will make a donation to the Wyland Foundation in your name!


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