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Weekly Report ~ January 16-22, 2023

a dog swimming in a body of water

“Blanco” the Leucistic Risso’s Dolphin, A Rare Bryde’s Whale, Gray Whales, Pacific White-sided Dolphin

A nursery pod of Risso’s dolphin, including the leucistic Risso’s named “Blanco” with very distinctive, almost all white coloration and believed to be the only one known off Southern California, was found about 15 miles offshore on our 8-hour Ultimate Whale Watch!  On this same trip, a rare Bryde’s whale popped up off the bow of the Ocean Adventures and was identified by the three ridges on its rostrum.  These whales are typically seen in July or August off our coast.
Pacific white-sided dolphins, our favorite wintertime dolphins, have been showing up more often as the ocean water temperature drops as we move into the cooler winter season. During one encounter this week, they traveled with a group of sea lions, many breaching together in front of our boat as they were bow-riding.
Larger pods of about 300 very active short-beaked common dolphins were seen further offshore, and various sized pods of long-beaked common dolphins from just a few to about 10 miles off our coast.
a dog swimming in a body of water a large ship in a body of water with a mountain in the background a bird swimming in water next to the ocean a whale swimming in a body of water an animal swimming in the water a person riding a wave on a surfboard in the ocean a body of water