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Weekly Fishing Report ~ September 18th – 24th

a person holding a fish on a boat

We had a busy week with boats out every day

Bass fishing for the 1/2 day boat remained kinda status quo with water now in the 66°-68° range.  Sinker setups reverse dropper loops and Carolina rigs fished best for the bass.  Some nice sand bass on those setups and some nice sheephead for the guys fishing the shrimp baits.  Water temps definitely played a role had to work at it to get the bites.

Our 3/4 and all day trips fished offshore all week.  With the opportunity to catch a very nice  tuna close to home we spent our time fishing the local banks.  The bluefin we’ve been catching has ranged in size from 25-60lbs.  Foamer spots, breezers, sonar stops, we’ve been getting the boat stopped in a bunch of different ways.  Flyline setups with 25-40lb got bit fine this week.  Having a rod set up with a sinker rig was very useful when the fish were deep under the boat some days and 100g-120g current sniper jigs got bit well too.  Fluorocarbon leader was a big help and very important to have a good leader of monofilament for that absorption as the boat rolls.

The yellowfin we’ve been catching have been in the 25-40lb range as well.  Some stops have been on breaking fish and good shots on the dolphin.  Every spot of dolphin in the warmer water has had fish on it.  Along with the tuna we’ve had some mahi in the mix on these stopstoo.  Just random open water bites on those but a few good kelps around with small schools of dorado on them.

This tuna fishing has been perfect for our small boat fleet Christian on the LexSea and Todd on the Boardroom have had very good tuna fishing as well for their guys too.

Finally, the Fury he’s had amazing fishing this week too in the lower overnight zones.  Bluefin limits on multiple occasions this week as well as a day with some bigger 200lb bluefin hitting the deck.

a group of people standing next to a fish in the water a man holding a fish in the water