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Weekly Fishing Report ~ May, 15 2023 – May 21, 2023

a man holding a fish

Good week, very similar to what we had to work with last week with the conditions on the beach with 63° water.

Bass fishing for the 1/2 day anglers showed more signs of improvement with some action for the guys on the fly lined baits and the artificials.  A day or two of some dirty water due to the swell, but it cleaned up quickly by the weekend, and we got a little anchovy in the live bait, which helped with the action for those local trips.

3/4 days still grinding on the cod as it’s been good both along the coast here off Pendleton and on the 14. Some good quality still in the deep water on the 14.  Pretty good on catching what you need out deep, plenty of fish going home with anglers on the 3/4 dat program.  Load your tackle back up with sinkers.

Fury just got in form a 1.5-day trip.  Just got off the phone with Marcus.   They stretched it and to the Cortes Bank on this trip.  They had some great shots at the yellows. Marcus said he saw an impressive amount of yellowtail and big bonito up breezing for a long time yesterday.  Even some bluefin signs.  But the yellows were the 20-25 lb stuff, and you needed the heavy yo-yo setups to pry those things off the bottom in 11-15fa.   Along with the yellow, they had great bottom fish scores with plenty of rockfish and those giant Cortes whitefish.  He’s got some open trips this week  fishing SCi things setting up the last day or two over there to get good Cortes yo-yo yellow on the Fury!

Epic cod fishing coming from the 14 Mike bank for the Dana Wharf fleet.  Angler Glen Oak and Clemente crewman Stanley Flipowicz with a jumbo bocaccio.


a person holding a fish in the water a man holding a fish