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Weekly Update ~ April 10, 2023 – April 16, 2023

a rocky beach next to a body of water

Babies on Parade!

As the last phase of the Gray Whale northbound migration begins to peak, we are seeing several cow/calf pairs.  The highlight of the week was watching a northbound gray whale cow/calf gray pair swimming together off Victoria Beach. They clearly entertained whale watchers and beachgoers as this calf was “playing” displaying surface behaviors including breaching, spy hopping, bubble blasting, and both were seen rolling showing their flukes as they circled back south and then north several times.  Often, they were in just 15 feet of water, sometimes circling back south staying just a few feet from the shore.

We also found pods of bottlenose dolphins, both short-beaked and long-beaked common dolphins.  Many of the common dolphin pods, numbered in the hundreds, had many calves, which are mostly born in the spring and fall.  Though their numbers are diminishing, we are still seeing a few of the By-the-Wind-Sailors or Velella velella, which are still present in our local waters and Mola mola have been seen feasting on these tasty snacks.  Our fishing vessels have spotted several humpback whales further offshore.

a fish swimming under water a whale swimming in a body of water an animal swimming in the water a dolphin swimming in a body of water a bird swimming in water next to the ocean a group of people standing on a rocky beach a rocky beach next to a body of water