Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching In The News

Drone Footage Captures Gray Whale Acting Like a Snake

Gray Whale Acting Like a Snake

Whale Sightings Increase (NBC)

Whale Sightings Increase

Blue Whale Imitating A Shark – 3 Million Views


Spinning Fin whale – 2 Million Views


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Coverage In The Media

03/20/17 Aerial Footage of Gray Whales Mating – DivePhotoGuide.com

03/17/17 Video of three whales mating taken off Dana Point Headlands – Orange County Register

02/28/17 Dana Point’s Festival of Whales kicks off this weekend – Orange County Register

02/28/17 A gray whale and her calf swimming off the coast of OC – Orange County Register

02/24/17 Dana Wharf Remodels Retail Space – Dana Point Times

01/18/17 Video shows baby whale trying to piggyback on mom’s back – and failing – Orange County Register

01/16/17 Dana Wharf to Hold Art Lessons in the Wild – Dana Point Times

12/09/16 Kids go free on Dana Point whale-watching tours in December – Los Angeles Times

12/06/16 The ‘Holy Grail’ of Whale Watching Hits the Orange County Coast for 2nd Time in a Week – Orange County Register

10/24/16 Countdown to the Derby: Annual Dana Wharf halibut derby approaches – Dana Point Times

10/13/16 Video Shows Blue Whale Nursing its Calf Just Off Dana Point, a Behavior Rarely Seen – Orange County Register

09/23/16 Humpback Whale Frees Itself from Fishing Lines – New Atlas

09/06/16 Humpback Whales Off the Endangered List? Not Quite Yet in Orange County – Orange County Register

08/28/16 Love for Whales Coming to the Big Screen – Orange County Register

08/09/16 More Hammerheads, Great Whites Off O.C. Lead to New Excursions – shark-watching tours – Orange County Register

08/08/16 10-Year-Old Girl Captures Magical Dolphin Moment During Whale-Watching Excursion – GrindTV

07/18/16 Are Warm Tropical Summers the New Norm for Orange County Coastal Weather and Water? – Orange County Register

06/28/16 Attempted Whale Rescue Entangled in Fishing Line Caught on Video – ABC News

06/18/16 Dana Point: Father’s Day Cruise – NBC 4 Los Angeles

06/13/16 Latest shark Sighting: 10-12 Foot Great White Off Dana Point – Orange County Register

05/06/16 Video: South County Coastline a Playground for Mother and Baby Gray Whales – Orange County Register

04/22/16 Video: Gray whales Put On a Show Off Laguna Beach as Season Winds Down – Orange County Register

04/11/16 Video: 700-Pound Turtle Cut Free From Tangled Kelp by Dana Wharf Boat Crew Member – Orange County Register

09/30/15 Fish For Life With Former Quarterback Jim Everett and Fish For Life Founder Jim Holden – KTLA News

04/15 Whale of a time – Smart Business Magazine

04/22/15 Beat the vacation crowd to nearby getaways – Orange County Register

03/26/15 Drone footage captures gray whale acting like a snake – Fox News

03/07/15 Gray Whales are migrating through local waters

03/06/15 Boat captains are waging whale watching wars – Orange County Register

03/01/15 Dana Point California Whale Watching – OnTravel.com

02/08/15 50 Shades of Gray … Whales – Orange County Register

02/03/15 Whale Walk Makes Mark at Doheny – Orange County Register

01/27/15 Gray Whale Megapods Spotted Off SoCal – GrindTV

01/07/15 Love Letters: Dana Point – Huffington Post

01/08/15 Meet SoCal’s Latest Celebrity – Comet the Orca – NBC News Coverage

01/04/15 Whale Sightings Increase – NBC News Coverage

12/04/14 Orcas, Humpback Impress Over Thanksgiving Weekend


12/05/14 Dana Wharf Sportfishing records three wahoo catches

12/02/14 Young humpback whale catches air in Laguna Beach waters

12/01/14 Humpback whale seems to take flight off Laguna Beach

10/20/2014 6 critters rarely seen off Southern California

10/13/14 BD Outdoors – Sperm Whales Off Dana Point



10/08/14 Sperm whales spotted off O.C. coast in rare sighting

07/28/14 50-pound opah yet another odd catch during El Niño summer

07/23/14 Two humpback whales sighted off Dana Point

07/17/14 ‘Who needs Mexico?’ as tuna, yellowtail, mahi-mahi invade Southern California waters

07/17/14 Anglers in frenzy over exotic fish invasion

06/30/14 Unusual whales, dolphins you won’t want to miss this summer

06/30/14 Massive sheephead (21.13 pounds) caught off Dana Point

06/10/14 Rare pilot whale showing off SoCal

05/02/14 Laguna Beach becomes ‘Whale Beach’ as swimmers and cow-calf pairs mingle in surf

04/24/14 Laguna Beach swimmers ‘spook’ migrating gray whales; people urged to give mammals a wide berth

03/14/14 Rarely seen false killer whales spotted off Southern Cal Coast – Fox News

01/29/14 Is whale watching with drones next big trend?

01/02/14 Gray whales spotted in record numbers off Southern California; perfect weather is one factor

01/01/14 The Don of Dana Wharf

01/01/14 Gray Whale Sightings Off West Coast at Record Levels

11/28/13 Anticipation Builds for Gray Whale Season

8/21/13 A Whale Of A Time

8/19/13 A Close Encounter With A Mighty Blue Whale!

4/22/13-O.C. Hills Yield Ancient Whales With A Bite

4/15/13-Grind TV “Delta”

4/15/13-Blue Whale’s Fluke Resembles Airplane “Delta”

3/22/13- Gray Whale Traffic Begins to Peak in Southern CA

2/28/13- OC Register-Unusually Early Blue Whale

2/28/13- Parenting OC-Rise of the Mompreneur

2/6/13 – Coast news – Whale Watching

2/3/13 – Register – Wyland Drawing Lesson

1/30/13 – Register – Trifecta of Whales

1/8/13 – Register – Baby Gray Whale

1/5/13 – LN/DP Patch – Twirling Gray Whale

1/15/13 – USA Today Story on Squid

1/16/13 – OC Register Erika Richie Squid Video

1/10/13 – CNN Video with Miguel Marquez

1/5/13 – Got Calamari? CBS 2 Giant Squid Story

1/7/13 – Huge squid cause ‘mayhem'; 1,500 caught on weekend OC Reg

1/5/13 – Large squid sighted off Dana Point coastline LA TIMES

1/5/13 – Grind TV Squid Story