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Weekly Fishing Report ~ October 9th – 15th

We had a successful week with good coverage of offshore, bass, and rockfish.

Along the coast, the 1/2 day scene has been productive. Water temperatures ranged between 66°-68°, with bass action both in mid-water and on the sinker set ups. There is still some flyline action happening on days with favorable conditions. There was no standout day, but the 1/2 day action was pretty standard for the guys.

This last week, the 3/4 day fishing was a good blend of offshore fishing and both shallow and deep water rockfish.

The offshore scene was pretty good early in the week, with good weather and fish relatively close. There were primarily bluefin on the banks within 25 miles of Dana Point. Some fish were caught on the sniper jigs fished deep and on the flylined baits with lighter line and small hooks. As the week progressed, this fish moved around a bit. The Dana Pride is out there today on an all-day trip, so we’ll see what he can put together. There are also some dorado moving around on kelps, so there is potential for a stop to catch those.

The rockfish have been biting well both shallow in the 40-50 fathom areas and out deep in the 14-mile bank. Bring some 8-10 oz sinkers for the shallow stuff and have a few heavier 16 oz for the deep stuff. The quality of the catch on the 14-mile bank has been good.

The Fury and the small boat fleet had a great week of tuna fishing, despite the fish moving around a bit. Their catches of bluefin ranged from 15-50lb. Additionally, the Fury went fishing for bass at Catalina mid-week and had a successful trip. They even left the island early to explore an area where they had heard there were bluefin and had a good catch on their way back.

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