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Weekly Fishing Report ~ October 22nd – 29th

a person standing next to a body of water

Mellow week for us on the local scene, as water temperatures remained steady at 66°-68°. Bass fishing was mostly unchanged, with fish caught on the flyline, slider sinkers, and at the bottom. Some nice sheephead were caught using exotic baits like clam and shrimp, as well as other usual suspects like sculpin and whitefish, which made their way into the bags of half-day anglers.

The 3/4 day trips targeted rockfish down the coast from our harbor off San Onofre and Camp Pendleton. There were some really great fishing days in very nice conditions, with solid 10-fish bags of mixed fish, including reds, grouper, nice chilies, and big whitefish. On days when they had their fill, they went off the beach to keep the inside offshore zone honest and have seen some bluefin in those zones. They had a couple of fish for their efforts this week in that 5-10 mile zone. With the chloro and water temps, this is a very viable opportunity worth keeping tabs on.

Fury has been doing really well with the offshore scene. The first part of the week saw epic mixed tuna fishing, with very respectable grade of fish. A few mahi and a skipjack sample were caught too. As the week played out, the weather was a factor in the last day or two, but overall it has been very good fishing. The next open party trip leaves Thursday night, so if you want to go, make a reservation.

Finally, our hoop trips – private charter only – aboard the Reel Fun, have been a blast. The groups, which can accommodate up to 10 people, have been having a great time. The boat, bait, and gear are all provided, and the crew gets all the gear dialed and legal and ready to fish. After some quick instruction, they get busy. The other night, they caught 30 legal lobster. It’s been a fun time.

a man holding a fish in the water

a man holding a hot dog on a boat in the water