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Weekly Fishing Report ~ May, 8 2023 – May 14, 2023

a person holding a fish in the water

Status quo type of week with some good opportunities and some good fishing.

3/4 day fishing has still been on the rockfish push.  Along the coast here, the reds and bocaccio made up the bulk of the counts with some whitefish and other random mixed rockfish.  Good conditions made for easy drifts and anchor sets.   Off the beach and on the 14 Mile bank, it continues to be very good.  Quality cod has been the norm with big bocaccio, solid chilies, and bank rockfish.  A few reds and other mixed rockfish there too.

Bass fishing for the 1/2 day guys was a bit more work this week.  A day or two with the anchovy helped with the action, but then we had some washed-out zones as a result of the swell that pushed onto the beach.  They fished some deeper spots out of those zones for their bass sheepshead and whitefish.

Over at Clemente, the Fury has had good cod fishing as well.  Some shots at the game fish in the mornings on the jigs and live bait.  A few halibut in the mix as that seems to have turned into the welcomed sleeper fish of the season.  The yellowtail being caught are the 20-30lb grade, and there has been a good sign again of this yellowtail, but it just hasn’t pushed into super bite mode yet.

a man holding a fish in the water a man riding on the back of a boat a person holding a fish in the water