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Weekly Fishing Report ~ June, 12 2023 – June 18, 2023

a person standing next to a body of water

This week, water temperatures have been varied, ranging from the coolest at 60.5° to 65° at the start of the week. It seems that mixed-up conditions and some downhill current may have contributed to this.

Despite the cool water, bass fishing has been as good as expected. Those looking to catch some bass have had to use small bait and light lines to get the bites they’re after. Additionally, some nice sheepshead and a handful of halibut have been caught by the half-day fishing groups. Finesse fishing has been necessary for successful catches.

In the 3/4 day zone, boats have been fishing in the lower bass zone off Camp Pendleton, and have also encountered tricky conditions. Some anchovy earlier in the week helped generate action, while on other days, the boats fished deep on the 14-mile bank, resulting in excellent catches. Sadly, passenger loads have increased, and the days out there may be numbered. Along the coast, the rockfish are still good, although the same current made fishing difficult with a full boat.

Boats have also been at Catalina this week, and the Dana Pride found a few halibut in the shallows, some good bass action, and a quick shot at the yellows. At Clemente, the Fury saw a classic island mix of bass, bonito, sheepshead, and a few yellowtails.

Capt Christian on the LexSea tapped into the bluefin with a handful of fish on the flyer this week before that closer zone got covered up.

Overall, it has been a good week, although some improvements are still needed in some areas. The fishing community is busy and will be out all of next week.

The Dana Pride caught the first yellowtail at Catalina this week.

Deep water on the 14 has provided great opportunities and kicked out quality fish.

Half-day fishing has had sheephead as a target species, while the water temps continue to fluctuate. Bass fishing has been challenging, but with the use of small bait and light lines, bites have been more frequent.

a man holding a fish in the water a man standing next to a body of water a person standing next to a body of water