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Dana Wharf Whale Watching Earth Day Celebration

Every Day is Earth Day

Dana Wharf Whale Watching will be having an Earth Day Celebration on April 22, 2022!

Dana Wharf established Whale Watching in Orange County in 1971 and will be holding an Earth Day Celebration on board of a Dana Wharf Whale Watching vessel on April 22nd for a Sunset Whale Watch and balloon pick @ 2:30 PM. The celebration entails whale watching while cleaning up balloons from the ocean, which highlights the theme of Earth Day 2022 “Invest in our Planet.”

The Earth Day Sunset Whale Watching Cruise is $39 per person. ($5 of each ticket will be donated to the organization of Balloons Blow which helps to keep our environment free of balloons that float out to sea where they may encounter marine life. Proceeds will also benefit the Gray Whale Foundation, which takes school children each year to teach them about the Majestic Gray Whale migration.

Stand Up To Trash then invites you to join the community with a beach clean-up on Saturday, April 23rd, with more focus on this year’s theme of “Invest in our Planet” with a lunch and learn from 9-11 am on the wharf at the Ocean Institute. Learn how land stewardship translates to ocean stewardship with speaker Amy Terusa from Tenfold Harvest. For more information, visit

Dana Point is known as the Dolphin and Whale Watching Capital of the World ® and a landmark for whale sightings due to its weather, underwater canyons, shallow waters, large kelp beds, and ecosystems that provide the chance to see these beautiful gray whales during their migration from November-May right off the coast of Dana Point. Earth Day is a celebration of our environment and keeping our ocean clean for marine life to thrive. 

Let’s celebrate together! BOOK NOW!