Well another winter season is more or less here at Dana Wharf Sportfishing.  We did manage a great month of November fishing and its hard to believe that we are already talking December fishing.

1395193_10152731382720663_1645958008_nOur focus for the month will be on the rockfish.   The 2013 rockfish season will end on the 31st of this month. We have had some exceptional fishing for rockfish as of late and imagine that to hold true through this month.  Even though we expect the water temps to start their typical drop, it doesn’t seem to make any difference to the rockfish.  Our productive areas have been the 220 to 260 foot range.  Gunny sacks stuffed with reds, salmon grouper, copper rockfish, sculpin and whitefish should also be the norm for us this month.

We are routinely asked, “what’s working the best” or “whats the hot ticket” by anglers trying to capitalize on their catch opportunities while on the water with us.  Well it’s no secret.  The set up that will give you the best chances at catching rockfish with us is a medium action 8′ ft rod  and a smaller palm sized reel filled with 50-65lb braided line.  Not only are you now going to have the flexibility to fish live bait on your monofilament gangions but you also have the option to fish the jig for the rockfish.  And they have been absolutely crushing the jig lately!  If you haven’t taken a look at the braided lines and corresponding rods and reels yet, do yourself a favor and visit a tackle shop and get educated.  Believe me,  it makes that much of a difference!  And who wouldn’t love a new set up as gift, especially this time of the year!

Sand BassOn our half day trips the fishing has been getting better and better.  The availability of live squid has really made a huge difference in our counts.  Quality sand bass, big toothy sheephead and the tasty sculpin and rockfish have been loving this bait.   If the busy schedules of the holiday season have you wishing you had time to sneak in a quick trip then the 5 hr half day trip would be perfect for you!

And of course are also well into our 6th annual Dana Wharf Halibut Derby.  As you can imagine there are fish already on our tournament leader board.  The 40lber at the top is a quality fish no doubt! But the reality is that there is still plenty of time to get your name on that leader board by getting in on the action.  We are seeing more and more fish and anglers earning their way onto the leader board every week. Come join us on our halibut specific drift trips on most Fridays and every Sunday.  You can also purchase an entry on any of our local 1/2day or 3/4 day trips and try and get a fish on the leader board that way.

Be it the die hard rockfish guys or the inshore bass fishermen and halibut seekers, we’ve got trips on the books all December!  Come get on a trip with us and see what its all about.  And if you’re looking for a great holiday gift idea we’ve got our fully stocked tackle shop stuffed with Dana Wharf soft goods and what avid fishermen wouldn’t love to find a gift certificate for a trip or two as a gift!  The big crowds have subsided and there is plenty of room on all of our scheduled trips.   All of us here at Dana Wharf Sportfishing want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe fun holiday season.

Capt. Brian Woolley